DRO – Debt Relief Order

Stop Making Payments Today ! – Find out whether you are eligible for a Debt Relief Order.

Eligibility Test

Debt Free In 12 months – No Payments

All unsecured debts written off

Legal protection from creditors

Gives you a fresh start

Apply for a Debt Relief Order

We chose a Debt Relief Order. 100% of our debt will be written off.

Debt You Can Include

Most debts can be included in a solution; some debts cannot such as student loans, criminal fines and debts incurred through fraud

Credit Cards

Unsecured Personal Loans

Payday and Doorstep Loans


CCJ Debts

Catalogue Debts

Council Tax Arrears

Gas, electric & water arrears

Some debts cannot be included in a DRO, such as court fines, child maintenance arrears and student loans. If during the DRO period your cease to met criteria - your DRO may be cancelled.

View Important Considerations
A DRO is a form on insolvency which brings with it some consequences to be taken into account before applying for or Debt Relief Order.