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The most appropriate solution will depend on your personal circumstances

Debt Relief Order (DRO)

 DRO is a formal debt solution setup by making an application through an approved intermediary. It is intended for people on low-incomes.


If there are assets to be taken into account – a DRO won’t be an option; but you could look at bankruptcy instead which has a similar outcome. read more 


If you can afford at least £90 per month towards your debts you won’t be able to do a DRO; but an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) may be suitable. read more 

County Court Administration Order (CCAO)

A CCAO is for people who have a CCJ and want to negotiate affordable payments through the court in order to pay their debts back in full.
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Debt Management

Debt Management is for people who want to agree informal repayments to their debts at an affordable amount. Payments will continue until the debt is repaid in full. Further interest and legal action could still be taken.


Borrowing to consolidate, either as an unsecured or secured loan, could reduce payments for people whose credit rating and monthly affordability are good.

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